For any doorstep in need of delight by the dozen: now shipping.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Please

Cookies are at their most magical right out of the oven.

So that others can recreate this simple happiness at home, we’re shipping the same dough we mix daily at Milk & Cookies. Now you can bake, smell, and savor the tradition of fresh-made cookies with your friends and family.

Cookies in Five Simple Steps

Baking Instructions

Tinys Milk & Cookies began as a walk-up cookie counter on a tree-lined street in West University, an idyllic neighborhood in Houston.

We serve fresh-baked pastries, homemade ice cream, and handcrafted espresso drinks, but what we really serve is a daily dose of sunshine and community for the neighbors who gather outside our window.

An extension of Tiny Boxwoods––a restaurant named for the little potted plants found in the nursery where it originated––Milk & Cookies opened as a way to satisfy the growing appetite for our popular chocolate chip cookie. Now with another walk-up window in Austin, it’s become a morning ritual, a childhood staple, a happy place for friends and family who delight in fresh air (and fresh cookies). 

We think milk and cookies are the sweet silver lining of every day. When you can’t come to us––now we can come to you.

chip, ship, hooray

An afternoon treat, a last-minute gift. A reason to gather, a moment of lift.  |  (833) 653 0080

1301 North 1st Street, Bellaire, Texas 77401